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Benefits of E Cigarettes Over Tobacco Cigarettes

E cigarettes or electronic cigarettes are electronic inhalers that work by the sucking in of a vaporized liquid solution in mist form that mimics a normal tobacco cigarette. Below are the benefits of switching from tobacco cigarettes to e cigarettes.

They are effective in cessation of smoking (which is a harmful habit) because they offer an alternative method of nicotine intake. The nicotine delivery system in these devices does not produce smoke which has been confirmed to be toxic when inhaled over time.

Research has shown improved cardiac performance in persons who have switched from smoking tobacco to the use of these devices. The devices have little impact on the functioning of the lungs as compared to tobacco smoking which damages the lungs.

There is a massive improvement in the senses of smell and taste once a person switches in addition to fewer coughing episodes and heightened exercising ability.

The number of cancer causing agents found when smoking tobacco is 1,000 times more than in these devices. This should be reason enough to make one switch. Smoking tobacco exposes one to more than 43 cancer causing agents and very many mutagens which are absent in the electronic devices.

Tobacco smoking results in the inhalation of over 4,000 harmful substances plus nicotine. These devices contain ingredients that do not cause cancer.

Smoking tobacco results in the release of tar which causes the clogging of the lungs and arteries. On the other hand these devices produce no tar.

Tobacco smoking affects the fetus in the womb and is a common cause of miscarriages in expectant women.

The amount of money needed to sustain the smoking of tobacco is larger than that of purchasing and maintaining these devices.

Insurance premiums are cheaper to persons who have switched to using these devices since they are no longer classified as smokers.

The use of these devices results in improved self esteem since it is difficult for people to know that one has a habit. This is as a result of the absence of smoke that smells on clothes and the body. The water vapor produced is odorless.

Dangers associated with second hand smoke that is harmful to persons close to the tobacco smokers are eliminated with the use of these devices. This is because the e cigarettes produce only water vapor which contains no harmful substances.

Since the use of these devices is not considered as smoking, there are no restrictions in their use. Smoking tobacco has a distinct disadvantage in this respect due to the numerous signs that are posted all over.

The use of the e cigarettes results in the reduction of smoking since a few puffs of the vaporized solution are enough. A tobacco smoker often feels obligated to smoke a full cigarette.

The problems associated with tobacco smoking that are absent in the use of these devices are endless. Some of them are: reduced life expectancy and high mortality rates. Pulmonary diseases, renal complications, oral diseases, higher incidences of influenza, compromised immunity, impotence, infertility in women, stress and decreased appetite.

Disclaimer: **These Statements Have Not Been Evaluated by the FDA**